Closed Joint- Stock Company Lugansk Foundry - Mechanical Plant

Manufacturing of spare parts, components and assembly units for mechanical and engineering. Casting by the methods of No-Bake, full-mold (Lost Foam process), into sand-clay molds. Iron casting: of gray, high-duty cast iron and cast iron with the special properties. Steel casting of carbon and special steel. Modern thermal processing and high-quality shot cleaning of castings.



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Closed Joint-Stock Company Lugansk Foundry-Mechanical Plant is a specialized enterprise which produces castings from gray and high-strength cast iron, as well as of carbon and alloyed steel.

Technical re-equipment of production and adoption of new technologies enable us to produce castings of high-quality and accuracy:

•  Automatic line by Omega company with variable flask dimensions for manufacturing of any kinds of large and small-size goods of cast iron, low alloy and high alloy steels with productivity of up to 30 molds per hour, weight of castings up to 5000 kg .

Castings produced with No-Bake method on the basis of furan resin, are notable for the high quality of their surface, dimensional accuracy, internal and external soundness, and it allows to reduce the machining process volume.

•  Compactor system by GEMCO" and complex made in South Korea, which includes a foaming machine IPV-500P with productivity of 800 kg per hour; automatic presses IPS-1OOO, IPS-1800 which allow to produce castings of 0,5 up to 50kg (Lost Foam method).

Currently introduction of new equipment is carried out: sand-preparation machinery complex by Savelly company, molding equipment by HWS, which will help us to produce up to 240 casting molds per hour on one automatic molding machine with flasks dimensions 1020 850 200/200. The new equipment is designed for simultaneous production of two different types of castings, low-weight castings with cores and heavy castings without cores. Castings are manufactured of grey and high-strength cast iron and steel alloys.
Closed Joint- Stock Company Lugansk Foundry - Mechanical Plant
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